•         2 cups - Maida.
  •         1 cup - Sugar (powdered).
  •         A pinch - Baking soda.
  •         A cup - Pista-badam, coarsely powdered.
  •         1 tsp - Saffron (optional).
  •         1 tsp - Nutmeg and cardamom powder.
  •         1 cup - Vegetable ghee, as much as required for the dough.
  •         Vegetable ghee for greasing.

How to Make Pista Badam Biscuits

  •         Mix maida, sugar, soda, dry fruit powder, and the nutmeg powder well.
  •         Add the saffron if using, mix well.
  •         Melt the vegetable ghee and let it become warm enough to put your hand.
  •         Once it is warm, mix it into the flour mixture and make a dough. The dough should be loose enough to make small balls.
  •         Flatten the ball slightly and make a depression.
  •         Grease a baking tray and start placing these flattened balls with a little distance.
  •         Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, place the tray.
  •         Keep watching as it burns.
  •         It will approximately take around 5 mins. Remove as soon as it becomes light pink.
  •         Remove it and cool. Keep in an airtight box.