Vegetarian Recipe

Arabic Cheese Roll



1 kg – akkawi cheese
250 gms – mozzarella cheese
250 gms – semolina
200 gms – sugar
50 gms – sunflower oil
250 ml – cream

How to Make Arabic Cheese Roll

Cut both cheeses into slices and mix in the sugar and semolina.
Bring the mixture slowly to the boil stirring all the time for 20 mins or until it starts to get very sticky and paste-like.
Use plenty of patience or the cheese will burn and separate.
Smear a working surface with oil.
Pour the cheese mixture onto the surface and spread evenly.
Roll into thin sheets and leave to cool until it is firm, but not brittle or crisp.
Beat the cream and spread over the cheese layer.
Roll the cheese sheet.
Cut it in small rolls and serve.

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